The achievements of Expéditions MED in the Mediterranean Sea since 2010

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Expéditions MED is a French NGO which initiated the first research program on microplastics in the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, since 2010 the results from the expeditions have shown the presence of an invisible pollution estimated around 250 billions microplastics floating at the surface of the sea.

Expéditions Med is an NGO deeply involved in scientific research programs. Thus, the scientific community recognizes the work of Expéditons MED by associating us to official publications. In 2015 our results have been used for more than 40 scientific publications and also for a global research program on microwaste. Expéditions MED has also provided several trainings on microplastics sampling technics under the solidarity program between countries on the North and South border of the Mediterranean Sea. Expéditions MED is scientific partner of several national research programs but keeps its associative nature, as actions of communication and ecological claims remains the core of our work.

Our achievements since 2010

• 6 expeditions and 15000 km of navigation
• The citizen Laboratory has welcomed 25 scientists and 112 eco-volunteers onboard. The data collected have shown the presence of a huge quantity of plastic fibers, microplastics and macroplastics in the Mediterranean Sea.
• A collection of hundreds of samples collected by Expéditions MED and available for all scientists. The collection is kept at the Observatory Océanologique of Villefranche sur Mer.
• 7 reports and scientific publications
• The participation to 14 French laws and 3 European laws
• More than 250 articles in national and international media
• 25 TV reportages and radio interviews