The Mediterranean

  • The Mediterranean Sea : a collective treasure

Because it is a unique area in regard of biodiversity and History, the Mediterranean Sea is a collective treasure we have to protect.

It is a global biodiversity hotspot  : 9% of all marine species live there, even though the Mediterranean Sea represents only 1% of the total area of the ocean.

Since antiquity the Mediterranean Sea represents an exceptional patrimony for the peoples living on its shores and even for the whole humanity..

On its coastline were born democracy, monotheisms and influencial and powerful civilisations.

A route of cultural and commercial exchange through centuries, its socio-economic role endures nowadays through recreational and touristic activities, maritime commerce and professional fishing.

  • The Mediterranean Sea, soon a dead sea ?

Its ecological richness contributes to its attractiveness, despite many threats :

  • The reduction and degradation of natural environments
  • The impact of fishing
  • Global warming
  • Pollution by pesticides, heavy metals, hydrocarbures, detergents, water treatment plants discharges, solid waste,…

In terms of pollution by plastic, 250 billions micro-fragments already contaminate the surface of the Mediterranean Sea.

In view of the capacity of those micro-fragments to endure in the environment and accumulate contaminants, what effects can we except for mankind and ecosystems ?

Is the Mediterranean Sea being turned into a « plastic soup » ingested by fish and plankton, the last one being at the base of the chain food ?

The Mediterranean Sea is in danger if we don’t act !

Fully aware of the richness and fragility of the Mediterranean Sea, Expéditions MED aims to contribute to its protection thanks to its scientific and educational programs.

Expéditions MED will commit, will you ?