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« Stop plastic in the sea » is a European Citizens’ Initiative petition to save marine environments from plastic waste. This action of participatory democracy calls upon our rights and obligations as citizens, proposing in concrete terms “14 actions to take on”. In order for the European Commission to commit and debate on our official initiative, supporters must be authenticated as well on its secure portal, by specifying some information on your identity, nationality and legal age in order to avoid potential frauds and/or informatic robots.

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Save the oceans from plastic pollution

With the European citizen Initiative (E.C.I) : « Stop plastic in the sea »

Following our first petition on plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, the European Union has adopted Directives recquiring Member States to reduce the use of plastic bags by 50% by 2017 and 80% by 2019.

Several coutries of the EU have already taken steps in this direction and in France laws to ban plastic and oxo-fragmentable bags are expected to come into force by 2016.

DIGITAL CAMERAHowever, plastic bags are not the only wastes polluting the oceans. Today, lots of everyday products become deadly weapons once in the marine environment.

Mankind is turning the oceans into a vast landfill, as reminds us everyday the existence of several « plastic continents » across the globe.

The Petition

We need you to save the oceans from plastic pollution

The NGO Expéditions MED has decided to use this action to convince the European Parliament to legislate on the production of plastic wastes and their discharge in the marine environment.

We need 1 million signatures of citizens from at least 7 Member States of the EU.

Exp MED bouton-ICE_02Object : Given the worrying impact of plastic waste on the marine environment, we ask the Commission to develop an ambitious regulation to reduce their presence in the sea.

Description of the objectives : The European Union doesn’t deal specifically with plastic waste even though they represent a serious threat for the environment. This is the reason why we ask the EU to develop an ambitious regulation on the subject. The solution we defend, with a logic of circular economy, is to promote biodegradable plastics and prevent the production of plastic waste at the source as recommended in the waste hierarchy. We also ask to promote recycling in order to prevent the discharge of plastic waste into the sea. An exhaustive regulation upstream will save the marine environment downstream.


Issues of plastic pollution

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Only the mobilisation of society as a whole can allow the emergence of solutions to stop plastic pollution. We can act, in a logic of participatory democraty, by asking the European Parliament to legislate on the production of plastic wastes and their discharge in the oceans.

Issues of plastic pollution