Solidarity programme between countries of the South and North shores of the Mediterranean

Expéditions MED participates to the development of an eco-citizenship around the Mediterranean and contributes to the training of partners for the sampling of microplastics. Partnerships are established with environmental NGOs in Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia,…

These NGOs are invited to watch and participate to the protocols of the research programs and relay the actions and messages of the expedition. They are contributing to the development of a Mediterranean network of laboratories and research centers on microplastics pollution.

During the different stopovers, events, conferences, actions and debates are scheduled in partnership with these NGOs and are covered by the media. This also contributes to strengthen the connection between people all around the Mediterranean, joining together to fight plastic pollution.

In the long run, the journey of Expéditions MED’s boat all around the Mediterranean Sea emphasizes the importance of the involvement of all coastal countries.


Doctor Faid El Madani, biologist at the C/R INRH (National Institut of fisheries research) in Nador, and Housine Nibani, president of the NGO AGIR in Al Hoceina have embarked on the Ainez for common programs of whale watching, plankton sampling and also a demonstration of sampling of microplastics. At the stopover at Al Hoceina, Moroccan TV came onboard for a reportage. The objective was to prepare a future partnership for a study of plastic pollution in Morocco.



Stoppovers : Oran, Alger, Bejaia, Skikda and Annaba

Carte nav Algérie
With its 1 600 km of coastline, Algeria is directly concerned with plastic pollution in the Mediterranean. A campaign of environmental awareness took place with the support of the Minister of fisheries and the University of Annaba.
We thank all the Algerian associations which warmly welcomed us and we encourage them to keep their amazing motivation for the future of their country.

Doctor Emir Berkane (watch the video) who was our coordinator in Algeria has embarked with 5  Algerian eco-volunteers on the Ainez.

Communiqué  : It is with satisfaction that we have learnt in January 2015 that the Algerian Minister of Land and Environment has decided to ban oxo-fragmentabes plastic bags in 2017 in Algeria. The ban of oxo-fragmentables bags is one of the main demands of Expéditions MED – Algeria 2014. Our collective is composed by associations from all over the country : « Phenicia et Femmes rurales de Bouthlilis » in Oran, Larimar in Sidi Belabes, « L’association communale de Bologhine », the associations ARDH et CSSMB in Bejaia Ecologica and Bariq 21 in Skikda and Grenn Ground in Seraidi under the supervision of the laboratory EcoSTAQ of the University of de Annaba. These associations never stopped to raise awareness on the environmental issue of oxo-fragmentables plastic bags and that they should be replaced by biodegradables ones. We are pleased to be part of this collective and thank the Direction of fisheries of Alger for its interest in our missions and for its presence at  the Algerian stopovers.


In Tunisia we worked with the Faculty of Sciences of Bizerte, and Doctor Mohamed Néjib Daly Yahia (Professor in Marine Plankton Ecology and Oceanography) embarked on the Ainez with his students. We have collected samples of plakton on the surface and at several depths on 8 spots supposedly on the atlantic jet. It was also an opportunity to carry out a demonstration of microplastic sampling with the Manta trawl in order to raise awareness on this pollution. The objective was to prepare a future scientific partnership for the study of plastic pollution in Tunisia.