Microplastics program

  • Objectives of the program

The collection of micro-plastics on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea is the founding activity of Expéditions MED.

Samples collected on small, medium and large scales from all around the Mediterranean Sea allowed us to realize a mapping aiming at :

  • Determining if there are areas of accumulation of plastic waste correletated with local water regimes (water mass front, gyre,…)
  • Refine the overall estimation of microplastics at the surface of the sea
  • Identify the main sources of plastic waste
  • Areas studied

During the years 2010 to 2013, the objective was to cover the Liguro-Provençal stream in the French-Italian area, including Corsica.
Then, in 2014, the surrounds of the western part of the Mediterranean Sea was covered.
For the year 2015, we continued the sampling in the Lugurian basin to see if there has been an evolution, and we also made a campaign on the Italian seashore.

2015 scientific program