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The Citizen Laboratory of Expéditions MED with its program of participatory science surveys plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea

« Free Man, you will always cherish the sea »

This quote from Charles Baudelaire is more than ever true as our society will be particularly dependant of the oceans during the XXIst century. It is from the seas that we will get the solutions to the societal, ecological and economical challenges we are faced with.

Oceans are the future of humanity

Sampling, Identifying, Analyzing, Acting. Expédition MED’s mission is to fight the pollution of the oceans by microplastics and contribute to find solutions for the conservation and sustainable valorization of  the marine environment.

Registration for the 2016 campaignns

Fond de carte wide

Dates and boarding/landing venues with the contribution per person for the 2016 Expédition MED campaigns :

People willing to participate to 2 successive campaigns can benefit from a 15% discount for the second one.

 Campaign  1*

Campaign 1* from Saturday 22 July – Rome – Fiumicino Nord de Rome to Friday 29 July – Calvi
Contribution = 700 € + 20 € (membership fee) = 720€

Campaign  2*

from  Saturday 30 July – Calvi to Friday 5 August – Villefranche sur mer Contribution = 700 € + 20 € (membership fee) = 720€

 Campaign 3*

from Saturday 6 August – Villefranche sur mer to Friday 12 August – Gênes Contribution = 700 € + 20 € (membership fee) = 720€

Campaign  4* currently subject

from Saturday 13 August – Gênes to Friday 19 August – La Spéziaa)
Contribution = 700 € + 20 € (membership fee) = 720€

The contribution includes :

  • supervision by Expéditions MED staff and skipper
  • logistic (ship, harbour fee, fuel,…)
  • operating costs of Expédition MED
  • meals and drinks onboard (except alcohol)

The contribution doesn’t include :

  • the journey to the boarding/landing venues
  • alcoholic drinks and personal expenditures, meals taken out of the ship, personal insurances covering the journey to and from the boat, or repatriation.

The possession and consumption of drugs is forbidden onboard.

Membership fee and liability insurance : Expéditions MED is a French association « loi 1901 ». Only members of the associatoin (who paid the 20€ membership fee) will have the possibility to embark for campaigns.

The membership provides you with a liability insurance.

Preregistration and registration :

The applications are processed by order of arrival. If you are on the waiting list and a position gets available, you will be contacted.

Before you register, please read the informations above about eco-volunteering. To register for one or several campaigns :

1 / Fill out the form (see below) 

Please point out at the end of the form any health issues such as allergies, asthma, back pain, etc. In case of specific illnesses an authorization from your doctor will be required.

2 / Once your pre-registration is done, we will inform you if it’s validated and give you more informations for the registration, such as the amount of the deposit.

3 / Your registration will be validated once your payment is received

4 /A document to download about advices for the boarding

Le formulaire d’inscription pour les campagnes de juillet et août 2016.


Prénom :


CP :

Ville :

Date de naissance :

Profession :

Pays :

Nationalité :


Téléphone :

Portable :

Précisions éventuelles

Expédition MED 2016 : Campaign 1

Contribution = 700 € + 20 € membership = € 720
A registration payment of 50 % deposit = € 720 - 50% = 360 €
The balance for June 30, 2016 = 360 €

Expédition MED 2016 : Campaign 2

Contribution = 700 € + 20 € membership = € 720
A registration payment of 50 % deposit = € 720 - 50% = 360 €
The balance for June 30, 2016 = 360 €

Expédition MED 2016 : Campaign 3

Contribution = 700 € + 20 € membership = € 720
A registration payment of 50 % deposit = € 720 - 50% = 360 €
The balance for June 30, 2016 = 360 €

Expédition MED 2016 : Campaign 4

Contribution = 700 € + 20 € membership = € 720
A registration payment of 50 % deposit = € 720 - 50% = 360 €
The balance for June 30, 2016 = 360 €

Je déclare avoir pris connaissances des conditions générales et déclare sur l'honneur ne faire l'objet d'aucune contre-indication médicale liée à la pratique des sports nautiques ou à un séjour de plusieurs jours sur un bateau, que je sais nager et que je n’embarquerai aucun stupéfiant à bord.
J'ai bien noté que mon inscription ne pourra être prise en compte qu'après validation du ma préinscription et du règlement de l’acompte de 50% du montant de ma participation, avec mon adhésion à l’association.
L’enregistrement définitif de mon embarquement ne sera effectif qu’à réception du règlement du solde de mon inscription pour la date indiquée.
D’autre part, je suis conscient(e) qu’à bord je peux courir des risques inhérents à ce type de navigation (dangers liés au bateau, à la mer et à la faune sauvage) et les accepte entièrement.

Payment terms  :

Once we validate your request, you will have to pay a deposit to fullfil it.

Secured online payment  :

Instructions :
In the first column : write in the box « montant libre » the amount of the deposit and fullfil the column 2 and 3.

Payment by bank check : send the check payable to Expéditons MED to 4, allée des Avettes – 56 230 Questembert – France.

The payment includes

  • Membership fee to the association Expédition MED (20€)
  • Technical supervision onboard (Expédition MED Staff and skipper)
  • Accomodation onboard
  • Contribution to boat’s fuel costs and harbours’ fees
  • Food and drinks onboard
  • Insurance for the activities onboard

The payment doesn’t include :

  • Payments out of the ship (meals for exemple)
  • Travel costs to the boat.

In case technical issues, we may have to cancel one or several campaigns and your payment will be refound.

The experience of a citizen laboratory  :

« The citizen laboratory of Expédition MED is a way for people to find or keep a connexion to the environment, while studying it and contributing to its protection. Through scientific campaigns involving amateurs and scientists, this citizen laboratory contributes to extend our knowledge about the ocean and its biodiversity. It also enhance a different kind of management of the natural ressources as it incudes citizens ».


What’s an eco-volunteering campaign ?

The eco-volunteering opportunities proposed by Expédition MED consists to participate during your holidays to our projects of protection of the marin environment and the conservation of its biodiversity. The aim of this scientific campaign is to study the pollution of the Mediteranean sea by plastic waste and the impact it has on the biodiversity. This citizen laboratory promote participatory science with the help of citizens called eco-volunteers.

What is the purpose of a eco-volunteering campaign ?


For several years now Expédition MED has experimented with success its citizen laboratory on the Mediterranean Sea. Feed back from the volunteers about the participation to scientific protocols, knowledge on the marine environment and its problematics, life onbaord and team spirit are positive. Since 2010, the informations collected by Expéditions MED have been used for several studies and scientific publications, showing the impact of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

Who can be an eco-volunteer ?

Everybody ! No skill required, but few terms have to be respected. You must fill the pre-registration form online for the current year and agree with the procedures. Volunteering is a nice opportunity to enjoy a field experience and also to enhance your CV !

What happens during the campaigns ?

The campaigns take place on a boat and are supervised by Expédition MED staff and the scientists onboard. Volunteers participate to the research programs, the manœuvres on the boat, and night shifts. By joining to a campaign, you have the great opportunity to contribute to the protection of the Mediteranean Sea and its biodiversity while having a nice boat’s experience in a friendly atmosphere.

How is life onboard ?

The volunteers participate to the daily tasks onboard and shifts are scheduled for cooking and dish washing. Once the scientific work is done and according to the planned route, it is possible to swim during your free time. You must ask authorization first to the staff and swimming is at your own risk. Snorkelling equipment is not provided.

On what kind of boat ?

The Ainez is a Ketch “Oceanica 56” with a 17 meters long steel hull. It is a robust and safe boat.

Concerning the life onboard, bunks are individual and there are restrictions inherent with a sailing journey. The use of water is a good example. Everybody contributes to cooking and cleaning. Because of limited free space onboard, it is difficult to store many products, like fresh products, so it is not possible to make a special diet for each passenger.

What are the conditions to fulfill to be an eco-volunteer ?

You have to be at least 18 years of age, unless one of the parents is onboard too. The main language used is french, and on a few missions it possible to speak italian and english.

Moreover, it would be helpful to :

• have good eyesight and concentration

• be able to work in a team and live in community

• have environment-friendly behaviour

• have decent physical abilities and be able to swim 50 meters

It also required to listen to the safety measures given by the skipper and staff. If someone’s attitude put other people and/or the scientific activities in danger, he or she will be disembarked.

Where do we navigate ?

It can be close to the shore or in the open sea. It depends of the ongoing scientific programs, the location of the sampling spots, and of course the weather.

Stopovers along the coast are possible depending of the previous conditions. If weather conditions are bad and make it impossible to navigate, we find the best solutions fitting the situation : we can find shelter in a cove or in harbor where we can plan visits for example. Because it is impossible to prevent bad weather, there will be no refund.

Why being an eco-volunteer ?

In addition to contribute to the protection of the environment, you can improve your knowledge on the oceans and learn new skills in a different cultural context. Moreover group living onboard is an excellent way to improve team working. Thus eco-volunteering is a great way to live original experiences and improve yourself. This particularly true for the young generations willing to find a purpose in the working and personal life.

Navigation route

Stopovers others that the boarding ones are mentioned for information purpose only and can be modified depending on the scientific programs and weather conditions.

2015 scientific programme.

How are the campaigns funded ?

The association Expéditions MED is financially supported by private and public partners for its functioningand its several actions of awareness raising. Even though, this is not enough to fund the summer campaigns of the Citizen Laboratory in the Mediterranean Sea. That is why it is necessary to ask the eco-volunteers for a financial participation, which allow us to provide a competent staff and organize rigorous scientific campaigns.

What is the financial participation used for  ?


The participation includes :

•           Expéditions MED staff onboard and the skipper of the boat

•           Logistics (boat rental, provisions for the boat, fuel, harbours fee)

•           Running costs of Expéditions MED

•           lMeals and drinks onboard (except alcohol)

The financial participations doesn’t include :

•           Travel costs from and to the boat

•           Alcoholic drinks, personal expense, meals taken out of the boat, personal liability insurance on your trip to the boarding venue are not paid by Expéditions MED. The possession and consumption of drug is forbidden onboard.

Welcome onboard.

Additional informations :

Tél : 06 34 48 13 05